Serial Entrepreneur And Angel Investor Passionate About Growing And Exiting Businesses

A 9X founder with a track record of starting, scaling and exiting multiple businesses successfully.

Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 13 selling chocolate door to door to raise money for charity.

After quitting school halfway through year 11, he would go on to launch businesses in the property, health, publishing, and advertising sectors with no real success.

Hitting rock bottom at the age of 26 with less than $1500 to his name, along came the launch of his 5th business.

A door to door sales company which he built and successfully exited with a span of a few years.

He would then go on to exit another business in the automotive industry before launching his own investment fund, advisory firm, and technology company.

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“Alex helped me transform my business and double our billings. He's been an honest voice that I've been able to discuss all matters with.”
Bridgette Tapsell
Founder Village PR & Marketing

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Today Alex spends the majority of his time investing into purpose driven start ups, sitting on boards, advising companies and speaking on the topic of entrepreneurship.

If you have an idea you’d like to pitch, need to raise capital or want an advisor to join your team express interest by using the link below.

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